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Our residents have a curious nature with a deep interest in enriching their lives through a better understanding of life enriched with the natural environment. They live boldly, shaping our future so the world is a better place to live, work and enjoy.


The Ramston Lifestyle is light on the typical apartment amenities that go unused—pool, weight room, big leasing office--and heavy on value for the people who power Nashville; New Teachers, Metro Employees, and local retail, travel manufacturing and building support staff necessary for the continued growth of our community.

We consider our residents “guests” and treat them like family. Our residents are smart and financially responsible in search of smaller, attractive reasonable designed rental homes who enjoy convenience in area shopping, dining and exercise. Our residents appreciate our locations that are uniquely positioned in established areas of fast growing cities. Many residents want to upgrade from musty, tired older properties without a hike in rent, while other renters have realized that their trendy, “core “located expensive apartments' amenities went unused and now recognize the value of the Ramston Lifestyle.